Delivery throught international system Zásielkovňa


Delivery throught international system Zásielkovňa

Delivery throught international system Zásielkovňa

Dear friends. In order to improve the quality of our services, we have added a new way of delivery of goods to our Slovak e-shop. From now on, you have the option of delivering goods via Mail Order (applies to orders weighing up to 10 kg).

Why Shipment?

  • Speed ​​- pickup without waiting
  • Hundreds of dispensing points (Dispensing point in every city over 5,000 inhabitants)
  • Information SMS - you will be informed via SMS when the shipment is ready for pickup
  • Security - only you know the password for pickup
  • 3rd person - Send anyone you trust for the package - just give them the password

How to do it?

Simply choose the delivery method "Shipment" in our e-shop and choose your preferred dispensing point. As soon as your shipment is ready for collection, you will receive a free SMS with a password for pickup. Ordered goods can then be picked up at the selected point of sale at the appropriate operating time. Goods will be issued to you upon presentation of the password you have received.

If you have any suggestions or suggestions for improving our services, please contact

We hope that you will be satisfied with the new delivery option.

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