About us


About us

Dear audio fans,
Welcome to BS ACOUSTIC.

We are manufacturer and supplier of sound, multimedia and lighting equipment. We have been operating on the Slovak and Czech markets since 1993 and we believe that during this time we have gained the favor of thousands of satisfied customers in several countries of the world. Our products can be found in addition to the Slovak and Czech Republic in Poland, Hungary and Croatia.

We produce especially speakers, loudspeakers and special sound systems. In our offer you will also find quality products for home and professional sound, PA technology (public address), designed for assembly companies that install sound systems in buildings, outdoor areas and of course, portable sound systems.

You can see our products in buildings such as manufacturing companies, business operations, hotels, schools, etc. Our customers also include cities and towns, to whom we supply special sound systems or speakers.

On the Slovak and Czech markets we represent several companies from all over the world: Accusonic (CAN), Fonestar (ES), Lotronic (BE), Masteraudio (IT), Hill (GB). Thanks to the exclusive representation in the Slovak and Czech Republic, the products of these companies expand our offer of audio and lighting equipment with unique products that you will not find at any other merchant.

The highest priority of our company is the quality of sound processing, not only now but also in the future. Of course there is unpretentious and reliable operation of products, unrivaled safety for the user, all in a favorable ratio of performance - price. If necessary, we are ready to advise you on sound management solutions and to develop specific projects and designs of sound and light systems.
Equally important for us is the partnership with our customers and suppliers with whom we maintain superior and friendly relationships based on open communication and prompt resolution of any problems.

Because the BS ACOUSTIC team is made up of people for whom sound and music are a source of energy, constant product development and improvement are the driving force of our company.




Konatel - Stanislav Baláž
Stanislav Baláž


Konateľ - Jana Balážová
Jana Balážová


Marcel Horňák - manager
Marcel Horňák
Sales manager


Veronika Poláková - manager
Veronika Poláková
Sales assistent


Ing. Marek Slusarčík - IT, manager
Ing. Marek Slusarčík
IT manager


Michal Sedlák - manager
Michal Sedlák
Sales manager for Czechia


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