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BSA is our own Slovak brand that belongs to our company BS ACOUSTIC. This brand was created for labeling own products of professional and installation sound systems. It materializes more than 26 years of experience in the field of sound and light technology. We continually strive to follow new trends in this area and bring products that meet the high standards set by users. All products of this brand are thoroughly tested in our specially designed measuring rooms.

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The Spanish company FONESTAR was established as a small workshop producing tube radios, gramophone needles, cassette players, etc. It has gradually become a great brand with more than 100 employees and operating on five world continents. After more than 70 years of accumulated experience, it has its own production in Spain and Asia. FONESTAR focuses on the production of professional audio equipment, PA plumbing and telecommunications equipment and a wide range of consumer electronics. FONESTAR engineers are now designing installations for public and private buildings, airports, stadiums, racing tracks, etc.




British company Hill Audio was founded in 2008. Since than Hill Audio has been one of the world's leading manufacturers of music systems. Firstly, it was focused on general electronics and audio amplifiers, as well as multiroom systems. Their reliable amplifiers have gained immediate popularity among installers and sound engineers.
Thanks to a lot of other high quality products, Hill Audio has become a popular brand on the installation sound systems market in a several countries.




Peter Laurits Jensen was born in 1886 in Denmark and devoted his life to innovations and speakers for musical instruments. The JENSEN brand continues this tradition to this day.

Jensen Radio Manufacturing Company was founded in Chicago in 1927 and produced loudspeakers for military purposes and radios. Later, it began producing commercial loudspeakers for public use. As early as 1929, Jensen produced 60% of all loudspeakers that were supplied by independent radio manufacturers. Jensen built the first multiple speaker system and introduced the first permanent magnet, dynamic loudspeaker and first commercial compression tweeter. Jensen also developed the first bass reflex speaker and the first commercial coaxial speaker.

Since the mid-1940s, Leo Fender began using Jensen speakers for his guitar combos, especially for their excellent sound. During the 1940s, 1950s and 1960s, Fender, Ampeg, Gibson and all other major amplifier manufacturers began using JENSEN speakers in their musical instrument sound systems.
In the late 1960s, JENSEN ceased production. In 1996, SICA accepted the challenge to revive Jensen's legendary speakers. Today, the JENSEN brand is synonymous with classic, reliable style, but also a pioneer in the development of state-of-the-art speakers.




Talianska značka SICA vznikla v roku 1979. Skupina mladých mužov s láskou a vášňou pre hudbu a hi-fi vytvorila trh s reproduktormi. Spoločnosť má vlastné na zakázku navrhnuté a vyrobené poloautomatické výrobné linky, ktoré spájajú presnosť a kvalitu s typickou tvorivosťou "vyrobené v Taliansku". Ich prispôsobivosť produktov spolu s dynamickým prístupom k výrobe umožnili tejto značke získať si všetky medzinárodné trhy na piatich svetových kontinentoch.
SICA sa snaží vychádzať v ústrety svojim zákazníkom s cieľom splniť aj tie najzložitejšie požiadavky. Vyrábajú reproduktory pre všetky oblasti použitia od PA, profesionálne, Hi-Fi, až po reproduktory pre hudobné nástroje. Tieto reproduktory sú obľúbené po celom svete. Skúsenosťi a profesionálny prístup umožnili značke SICA získať licenciu na vývoj a výrobu reproduktorov značky JENSEN, ktorej reproduktory napísali históriu elektrického gitarového zvuku v minulom storočí a vývoj nových gitarových reproduktorov pre budúce storočie.



Italian company MASTER AUDIO operates in the distribution of electronic and sound equipment since 1981. It offers very good quality for a reasonable price. Thanks to the experiences gained over the years, the company has become one of Italy's largest distributors of professional audio and car hi-fi technologies.
The online catalog www.masteraudionline.com currently contains more than 500 items.




The Belgian company LOTRONIC was founded in 2007 by a group of people with years of experience in trading in electronic and audio devices. With an annual growth rate of more than 20%, the company quickly became a major player in the European audio and lighting market. It is represented in more than 30 countries through national or local distributors, retailers, hypermarkets and e-shops. LOTRONIC owns the following trademarks:

  • LTC
  • Party Light & Sound
  • BST
  • AFX




MADISON is a Belgian Hifi brand for those who are looking for good sound at affordable price.
The products of this brand are sold in major retail stores such as Carrefoure, Media Markt, ...




A French company with a 50-year history is currently part of the international LOTRONIC group.
Brand BST pro means products intended for fixed installations in commercial buildings such as shops, hotels restaurants, schools ...




AFX is a trademark of company BST for high-quality and cost-effective lighting products, lasers, smoke machines and effect systems for DJs, rental companies and entertainment installations.




IBIZA LIGHT & SOUND is a brand of audio and lighting products for DJ beginners, entertainers, clubs and other enthusiasts looking for consumer devices at affordable prices. The brand offers an excellent value for money at a good price. It offers wide range of lighting and sound equipment. and it became a leading brand in various market segments. IBIZA is part of the group LOTRONIC.




PARTY LIGHT & SOUND is a brand of audio and lighting products for starting DJs, entertainers and other party enthusiasts that are looking for consumer devices at affordable prices. The brand offers an excellent value for money at a good price. Wide range of lighting and sound equipment. The brand is a leader in the "entry level" product group. PARTY is currently part of the multinational group LOTRONIC.


Accusonic - Audio Reserch

The Canadian company has a 40-year history. In the past, it has been largely dedicated to the production of hi-fi loudspeakers and supplied components to many renowned Canadian loudspeaker manufacturers.

It currently manufactures hi-fi speakers, car speakers, high-quality installation speakers for home and commercial purposes. Their wide range also includes patch cords, connectors, components for speaker manufacturers, etc ..

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