We have visited FONESTAR


We have visited FONESTAR

We have visited FONESTAR

Autor: Michaela Balážová I Reading time: 5 min

We have spent the last days of September in sunny Spanish Santander. Although the King does not reside here, one of our major business partners does. We are talking about FONESTAR, which we have been working with for several years.

Who is this company? I haven't heard about it yet...

FONESTAR is a manufacturer and supplier with more than 70 years of experience in which two family generations have been replaced. The company was founded as a small workshop that produced only one radio per day. Today, FONESTAR employs more than 120 people in 14,000 m².

We are very pleased that FONESTAR is one of the few suppliers of PA technology on the market today, with 90% of all items available on stock. And believe us, their portfolio is not small at all. Today in their portfolio, besides nice HI-FI loudspeakers, you can find also professional loudspeakers, installation loudspeakers, microphones or broadcast centres.

The fast delivery of products is ensured by an automated, computer-controlled warehouse management and logistics system. Robots are not working there yet, but special software is responsible for the correct humidity and temperature throughout the building.

So where can you currently see FONESTAR products? For example, at the airport in the Dominican Republic or in the train station in Bogota.

What was the reason of our visit?

We wanted to get to know them better and we were also wondering about new arrivals they had. And indeed, we made a right decision. We have tested a few new products and you can believe us when we say that you have something to look forward to. Soon you will find in our offer a few really interesting products.

One of the hot news will be digital array column speaker (►). It is an elegant 10-channel digital system with DSP settings that allows software audio settings. It is thus suitable for large spaces, such as cathedrals, lecture halls, etc.

Another novelty in our offer will be a Bluetooth signal transmitter, which allows you to listen to music wirelessly from your TV or PC. Simply connect both transmitter connectors to your TV or PC and pair with your Bluetooth headset. And the magic is born.

We have been cooperating with FONESTAR since 2013

Our cooperation with FONESTAR started with a pleasant cup of coffee. Coffee, which took place six years ago at the International Musikmesse Exhibition in Frankfurt. We've gone a long way together since then.

Good business relationship is essential

The business partner for the company is the family of its choice. We therefore make sure that the relationships with our business partners are based primarily on trust and friendship. We are glad that FONESTAR shares these values ​​with us.

We have to say that the time spent at FONESTAR was really nice and we are looking forward to the next visit :)


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